2 Chainz Uses His Mom And YG's Mom In New Music Video For 'Proud'

2 Chainz YG

In 2 Chainz's newest single, 'Proud', he recruited his, Offset‘s, and YG‘s moms to rap and flex alongside their famous, lyrically-inclined offspring.

“Me and mama used to trap out the same house,” Chainz boasts, in what might be the most off the wall lyrical flex of the year so far. Since the theme of the song is making his mother proud, what better way for him to illustrate her gratification at her son’s success than to stunt along with him while lip-syncing his verse? Of course, Offset and YG’s proud parents make their own appearances, adopting their sons’ signature styles, with YG’s mom draped in all red complete with a bandana tied around her neck and Offset’s mom rocking a chunky gold chain while counting up loot in the trap house.

Check out the video below:

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