Check Out The Toronto Maple Leafs' Parody Of 'The Office'

The Office Toronto Maple Leafs

Just a few days after the Toronto Raptors released a 'The Office' mashupthe Toronto Maple Leafs came out with their own amazing parody treatment. Twitter user and editing wizard, David Scala, took to social media last week and uploaded a short but sweet Buds spoof of the abovementioned sitcom's infamous intro.

In just over 30 seconds, Scala was able to nail down the tone and splice together some hilarious clips of prominent Maple Leafs players including Auston Matthews, Patrick Marleau, and of course, Uncle Leo. Even coach Mike Babcock and superfan Steve Dangle were thrown into the mix—come to think of it, we can totally see them as amazing secondary characters in "The Leafs Office".



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