'Fortnite' Wants to Put Your Dance Moves in the Game


Fortnite is without a doubt the latest video game craze right now and its successes continue to grow globally. Recently, the “battle royale” style game just rolled out a new guided missile feature which players have been having a lot of fun with lately as seen on a number of livestreams and memes.

But now, Fortnite ups the fun factor by having you — the players and fans — get involved in one of the more exciting aspects of the game. Dancing, whether waiting in the lobby or taunting opponents after a win, is a huge part of the community and now you will get your chance to get your dance moves digitally placed for all to use.

T dances in Fortnite all come from real life dances whether it’s from a meme, T.V. show or just some popular culture moves. Now, just by simply uploading a recorded video of your dance moves using the hashtag #boogiedown, you’re dance can be chosen to become the next celebratory boogie. You’ll have to do this by April 10 and share unto social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Other prizes for the #boogidown campaign include winning in-game cash, new items and an “exclusive IRL Boogie bomb.” Watch the video from competitive player and Team SoloMid Fortnite captain, Myth, and popular streamer Ceez above to find out more.

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