NBA 2K League Draft Results


March Madness is over, and that can only mean one thing: the NBA 2K League draft is coming up! This is an exciting time for fans of the video game and basketball alike.

The NBA 2K League is a professional competitive gaming league co-founded by the NBA and Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Games will be played in a five-on-five format where each player will take the form of a unique character.

This season will feature a $1 million dollar prize pool that will be spread out over the season and playoffs. The NBA 2K League will have a similar format to professional sports leagues. There will be head-to-head regular season matchups and a bracketed playoff system that will lead up to a championship matchup.

The draft took place Wednesday evening, here are the results:

  1. Mavs Gaming – Artreyo Boyd (Dimez)
  2. Celtics Crossover Gaming – Albano Thomallari (oFAB)
  3. Jazz Gaming – Shaka Browne (Yeah I Compete)
  4. Kings Guard Gaming – Mitchell Franklin (Mooty)
  5. Pistons GT – Ramo Radoncic (Lets Get It Ramo)
  6. Blazer5 Gaming – Dayne Downey (OneWildWalnut)
  7. Heat Check Gaming – Juan Gonzalez (Hotshot)
  8. Magic Gaming – Christopher Cantrell (KontruL)
  9. Knicks Gaming – Dayvon Curry (GOOFY757)
  10. Bucks Gaming – Aaron Rookwood (Drake Griffin)
  11. Raptors Uprising GC – Kenneth Hailey (Kenny)
  12. Wizards District Gaming – Johnathon Fields (Fresh Prince JT)
  13. Pacers Gaming – Bryant Colon (WoLF)
  14. 76ers GC – Ethan White (Radiant)
  15. Grizz Gaming – Larell Mitchell (Winner_Stayz_On)
  16. Cavs Legion GC – Brandon Caicedo (Hood is Glitchy)
  17. Warriors Gaming Squad – Trong Nguyen (Shawn_Win)

Best of luck to these gamers.

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