New Dating App Matches Connections Based On DNA


A Houston-based dating app called Pheramor claims to match people based on compatible genetic markers and social media alignment.

The app’s designers assert that the science is based on 40 years of research confirming there are 11 genetic markers that are proven to play a role in attraction. But, there remains a healthy amount of skepticism about whether or not these markers, of MCH type, truly dictate who you wanna bone.

Pheramor’s website does point to a specific study called “The Sweaty T-shirt Experiment” done in the 1990s. Men wore shirts for three consecutive days and women were asked to rate the scent. The findings indicated women were more attracted to men whose genetics were more diverse than their own. The problem with the study is that it was never replicated successfully.

The difficulty producing solid science to back the app’s premise certainly fuels critic’s arguments against it. This may be why the app also takes social media activity into account. Users are given the option of connecting all of their social media to Pheramor. This is processed using a proprietary algorithm, which aids in the matchmaking.

People looking for a DNA compatible partner are looking at a $19.99 test and a $10-a-month service fee to use the app. If you are just looking to hookup, that might feel steep, so stick to working the room at last call. But, if you’re looking for a long-term love match maybe this is a risk worth trying.

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