Shaq Will Explore Poetic Side In A New Television Series

Poetry In America Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is no stranger to verse and writing rhymes. He was one of the first pro athletes to dip his oversize toe into the music industry early in his career when he started making guest appearances on hip hop albums and eventually released a rap album of his own.

Shaq will discuss his lifelong love for the written word as part of a new series called “Poetry in America.” Shaq has already filmed his segment for an episode of the 12-part series, wherein he reads a poem, then discusses it with series host and Harvard English Professor Elisa New.

“Poetry in America” is produced by American Public Television and will air locally on public television networks. Each of the 12 half-hour episodes will explore a single poem by an American author via interviews with athletes, scholars, actors, scientists, musicians, and everyday people. Visit for more information.

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