ShiftCam 2.0 Is The Greatest iPhone Camera Lens Case

iPhone ShiftCam 2.0

The best camera is the one you always have with you, and if that camera happens to be a recent iPhone, ShiftCam 2.0 unlocks a ton of new shooting options.

ShiftCam 2.0 comprises a wide-ranging ecosystem of lenses, but they’re all designed to work with a custom iPhone case that holds them in place over your phone’s camera(s) when you want them, and lets you slide them out of the way when you don’t.

By default, you get what ShiftCam calls the Travel Set, which is an array of six lenses for the iPhone X and iPhone 7/8+, or four for the standard iPhone 7 or 8. Depending on which lenses you snap in front of your camera, you’ll be able to get fisheye, wide angle, macro, and even telephoto shots. The effect is similar to what you’d get from affordable snap-on lenses that have been around forever, but I found SnapLens’s quality to be higher, and the sliding mechanism is much easier to use than fiddly clips.

Needless to say, ShiftCam 2's case and travel lenses are very slick, and well worth the current $49 preorder price on Kickstarter.

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